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Our Mission

Ronnie's House for Hope provides support for children, teens, and their families following a death. We do this through peer support groups and education. Offering a safe place for sharing experiences, feelings, developing coping skills, and making connections with others who understand. 

Ronnie’s House for Hope wants to connect you with some of the best resources available from books, websites, podcasts, and online grief libraries.

Ronnie's House Store

Adult Books Specific to Loss


  • Grief Outloud Podcast

  • Terrible Thanks for Asking Podcast

  • Where’s the Grief?

  • Dear Life Podcast

  • What’s Your Grief Podcast

  • GriefCast

  • Mindfulness & Grief

  • Grief Works

  • Dealing with My Grief

  • Death is Hilarious

  • The Grief Gang

Online Grief Library

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