Ronnie's House For Hope provides support for children, teens and their families following a death. We do this through peer support groups and education. Offering a safe place for sharing experiences, feelings and making connections with others who understand. 


Four Principles For Grief

  • Grief is a natural reaction to loss for children and adults

  • The duration and intensity of grief is different and unique for every individual

  • Every individual has the natural ability to heal

  • Caring, acceptance and support assist in the healing process


Ronnie's House For Hope was founded on the belief that children and their families deserve a chance to grieve in a safe, supportive, and understanding environment. However, society does not often know how to support grieving children or their families and the needs they often have. 

Cost: Ronnie's House For Hope offers peer support for children, teens and families is $10.00 per meeting, per family. Scholarships are available upon request.  Fees will never stop a family from participating. 

There is no cost for onsite greif groups. 

Location Coming Soon

email: ronnieshouseforhope@gmail.com


Mailing Address Only

42215 Washington St. Ste A196

Palm Desert, Ca. 92211

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