Ronnie's House For Hope provides support for children, teens and their families following a death. We do this through peer support groups and education. Offering a safe place for sharing experiences, feelings and making connections with others who understand. 


Four Principles For Grief

  • Grief is a natural reaction to loss for children and adults

  • The duration and intensity of grief is different and unique for every individual

  • Every individual has the natural ability to heal

  • Caring, acceptance and support assist in the healing process


Ronnie's House For Hope was founded on the belief that children and their families deserve a chance to grieve in a safe, supportive, and understanding environment. However, society does not often know how to support grieving children or their families and the needs they often have. 

Ronnie's House For Hope is free to all families. 

There will never be a charge for families to join groups. 

Location Coming Soon

email: ronnieshouseforhope@gmail.com