Our Story

Our story begins in January of 2012. Becoming a widow at 41 with the loss of my husband Ronald (Ronnie) Loza Jr. at 44 years old. Being a mother of an 18 and 9 year old, I sought help in coping with our grief from a peer support grief center. It was a life saver for us until unfortunately funding was pulled and our center closed. Seeing how this changed our family and how close we became with other members of our group, I knew we needed a new center. Our center was a place we could all grieve our way, felt supported, understood and safe to share our feelings and experiences. Raising grieving children is different. It was incredibly hard to see the pain my children were experiencing and knowing how to help them while grieving myself. I made life long friendships and these people became family to me.  


After obtaining my degree, lots of additional training and currently working on her certification in Thanantolgy with an amazing group of supporters here we are. Along with one of my fellow widows Nikkola Eto, we are working hard to provide the services our families benefited from. She also lost a husband with young grieving children and is passionate about allowing kids to be kids. We know the importance of this kind of support for the children/teens and the families.  We are very passionate about Ronnie's House For Help and helping families get through such a difficult time. 


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